Yoga – Rope Mallakhamb Training Course | Fee $720 (early bird), $800 (regular)
Day Schedule | Mon 3 - Fri 7 Dec 2018 | 10am - 4.30pm (1.5 hrs lunch break)
Night Schedule | Mon 3 - Sun 9 Dec 2018 |  7.15 - 9.45pm (Sat/Sun start at 6 PM)

Yoga – Rope Mallakhamb Training Course
by Uday Deshpande

Mallakhamb (translated as ‘pole gymnastics’) is a traditional Indian sport that performs aerial yoga postures on a special hand-made cotton rope that supports the body comfortably. It is first of its kind Yoga – Rope Mallakhamb Training in collaboration with the living legend - Uday Deshpande, who was a former national player turned national coach of India.

What are the benefits of learning rope yoga?

Who is suitable to take this course?

What are the best outcomes of practicing Yoga – Rope Mallakhamb?

What will be covered in the course?

Rope Mallakhamb is suitable for everyone, and across the age groups, from small children to senior citizens, teachers, students, and any profession. 

"The sensation is not unlike being in a dinghy that’s about to capsize. Yet somehow I am hovering. And I can see how, with a little more courage, I might even climb to the top."

- John Zubrzycki

German youngsters, who have been in Mumbai through the Christmas week to learn advanced Mallakhamb, from noted coach Uday Deshpande, of the Samarth Vyayam Mandir at Shivaji Park

A rare opportunity to develop your Yoga skills and repertoire as a Teacher, Educator or Enthusiast.

Uday Deshpande

National Coach of Mallakhamb

When we take birth on this earth, we don't get any pamphlet on how to use our body. So Mallakhamb teaches you how to make this body more longer lasting, more efficient, and this is how to develop your health, stamina, speed, everything. Your total personality is changed while doing Mallakhamb.

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Yoga Rope Mallakhamb Training Course bundle for with personal rope and reference material




  • Rope Mallakhamb Training Course
  • The Rule Book "Code of Points"
  • 1 special hand-made cotton rope worth $180
  • Dedicated Guidance
  • Closed Whatsapp Group

Uday Despande at TEDxGateway India 2017

Yoga-Rope Mallakhamb Sessions in Hong Kong 2018

Course Registration / Enquiries

Whatsapp Kim +65 9385 6359 or John +65 97844058 to reserve your Rope

We regularly conduct our Yoga Foundation Course for beginners to Yoga practice.

Uday Deshpande

Uday Deshpande was a former national player turned national coach of Mallakhamb. He has produced more than 100 national champions and trained more than 1500 foreigners (52 countries) in the last 25 years. The Mallakhamb Federation of India, lead by him, is recognized by the Government of India and India Olympic Association. He dedicated most of his life towards nurturing and promoting this sport.

Teacher John Peh

John Peh is the lead educator for our Teachers Training Course. His personal yoga practice is influenced mainly by Traditional Yoga and Yin Yoga. 

Besides conducting yoga lessons he provides coaching for common ailments using Yoga Wellness (called Yoga Therapy in India) and a combination of stretching & trigger point techniques. The latter is derived from the Indian (Ayurveda), Chinese (Meridian), Thai (Therapeutic Massage) and Japanese (Reiki) tradition.

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