Yoga & Happiness | November 6th | Tuesday 10am - 12pm | Fee $18

Yoga & Happiness Program

A Deepavali Special Event

10am - 11am

Heart Chakra Yoga

This class focuses on Yoga for the Heart, particularly the Heart Chakra (Anahata). By opening the heart, one will learn to accept things as they are, and have a deeper sense of gratitude and love. Only through the heart, can one find inner joy and peace. 

11am - 12pm

Yoga & Happiness - A Scientific and Philosophical Perspective

We have invited Dr. Robin Chan to explore the topic of Happiness and Yoga from a scientific and philosophical perspective. He will be sharing his insights on the Science of Happiness and whether Yoga can help people find happiness.

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Course Registration / Enquiries

Whatsapp Kim +65 9385 6359 or John +65 97844058 to reserve your Mat

Dr. Robin Chan

Dr Robin Chan is a registered pharmacist by profession and obtained his PhD in medical ethics.

He is currently the Human Protection Administrator and Deputy Director in a local university and frequently lectures in Healthy Aging, Advance Care Planning and How to achieve a Good Death.

Teacher John Peh

John Peh is the lead educator for our Teachers Training Course. His personal yoga practice is influenced mainly by Traditional Yoga and Yin Yoga.

Besides conducting yoga lessons he provides coaching for common ailments using Yoga Wellness (called Yoga Therapy in India) and a combination of stretching & trigger point techniques. The latter is derived from the Indian (Ayurveda), Chinese (Meridian), Thai (Therapeutic Massage) and Japanese (Reiki) tradition.

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